"Winter has called to the feast" - stage show of the children's theater studio "RIKA" from Kharkiv.

The children's theater studio "RIKA" from Kharkiv was again a guest in Heidenheim. The children and young people of the children's theater studio, who are now scattered inside and outside Ukraine due to the war, were in Heidenheim from 12/18/2022 to 01/08/2023 for a vacation camp. The 27 participants were again accommodated in the Naturtheater, where the daily rehearsals and preparations also took place.

After smaller appearances in the Heidenheimer city center then finally took place on 5th of January in the Waldorfschule the large, two-hour stage show "winter called to celebration" before approximately 300 guests.

The Heidenheim winter camp of the children's theater studio "RIKA" was supported by Heidenheim-fuer-Ukraine.de e.V., among others.

Heidenheimer Zeitung:

Traum, Leichtigkeit und reale Hintergründe: So überzeugte das Ensemble aus Charkiv

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